How to access the forum

How to access the forum

Access to the forum is given by the IDS Central Bureau to persons authorized to participate in the forum


It is obtained by following the following steps:

1. Registration

You need to subscribe by filling in your profile. The information you'll be providing will be used to send you acceptance e-mails

Important: You do not need to register if you have already obtained login credentials for access to submit abstracts to previous OSTST meeting or IDS Workshop editions. These identifiers allow you to be identified by the organizers.

Note that your subscription could be re-used for future meetings we will manage.


2. Acceptance of your participation in the forum.

The organizer grants access rights to the forum. Once granted, your login to the site gives you access to the forum via the Forum tab in the menu. If you do not see the tab Forum, the organizer has not (yet) given access rights. 


See tab How to use the forum.